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As a sub contractor to many well established national artificial grass importers and suppliers we are well positioned to offer our professional services to you. We cover everything from a FREE initial survey and design service for replacement artificial grass to a fully functioning, all year round, all weather entertainment area. “Low maintenance” is our key word, everything we do is geared around making your life easier. Selecting from our quality artificial grasses [Supersoft] range or our all weather composite decking, both of which carry a full 10 year guarantee against colour fade and weather damage will mean you only need do the minimum of work to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed. Giving you that showhouse look without any of the hassle!

No job is too big or too small so give us a call!

FREE Design Service

Yes its a totally free service, we will come to your home, show you a few samples and put together a project based on your budget.

Supersoft Artificial Grass

Only the very best quality, no cheap chineese imports. Made to last and installed to impress. A show house lawn without the hassle.

Block Driveways & Borders

Professionally laid to take the strain. We leave nothing to chance, you can be sure your block paving is always up to the job, and looks great too.

Composite Decking

The look and feel of traditional wood but made to last. None slip, none scratch, and totally water repelant so will never rot, splinter or warp.

The ultimate cost effective decking solution.

A polymer of recycled wood and plastic resin, heated and extruded to produce a beautiful, durable and super strong finish. In a variety of colours, it will look as good in 10 years as the say it was installed, with almost zero maintenance.

Low Maintenance Designed to look perfect all year round without the hassle

About Us Small but perfectly formed!.

We are a small family run business that pride ourselves on friendliness good workmanship. All our products have been specifically selected to make both ours and our customers life as simple as possible by only suppling quality products that require the absolute minimum of maintenance.

Based in South Yorkshire and primarily sub contracting to several large artificial grass importers we have become their “Go to” installer in our area. So with that in mind our aim is to offer the same level of professional service to our local customers.

Over 20 grades of artificial grass available…. Give us a call!


Have a Question? Call - 07790766708 Please feel free to give us a call if you need any advice.

Its a fact that most of us in the UK dont make enough of our garden space. We think nothing of paying 5 – 10 k for a kitchen or bathroom, but when it comes down to designing arguably your homes most important feature, we tend to give it little thought. If you are the kind of person that values family time in the open air or just a beautiful place to relax and you want a garden that will have your neighbours and friends flipping cartwheels with jealousy give us a call and your halfway there.

  • FREE Design service with every installation.
  • Quality materials at the most competitive prices
  • Low maintenance to make your life as simple as possible
  • Every installation is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years
It can vary for a multitude of reasons. Access and the amount of prep work is something we need to look at when we do our initial survey. The work to be done for example, blockwork requires more ground work than artificial grass. Once we have a full picture of the work to be carried out we will give you a better idea.
We will do a site visit and take a few measurements and let you look at a few samples to get a better idea of the products. Then we will discuss your requirements and come up with a preliminary design. At this point we`ll point out the various cost implications and discuss how we can make it work for you.
Not until we are ready to place the order. Then we will ask for 30% of the invoice. The reason for this is once the artificial grass, blocks or composite are ordered, they are ordered specifically for your project, no one elses. The balance is paid only on completion.
Usually it takes around 5-6 working days to arrange the delivery after we place your order. We will not order until we have arranged a suitable start date with you. We always try to arrange delivery to coinside with this date where ever possible.

Approximate Pricing Charts Prices are estimations only as a guide to installation costs

Block Paving

£ 70 /m2

All labour and materials.
Includes removal of existing surface, installation of weed membrane, compacted hardcore, grit sand screed, *standard size 200mm x 100mm x 50mm blocks, various colours and patterns available. Kiln sand infil and removal of waste.

Artificial Grass

£ 35 /m2

All labour and materials.
Removal of existing surface, installation of containment edging and weed membrane.
Fill, level and compacting minimum 50 mm grit sand sub base. *Installation of selected grass surface. Fix and trim to finish. Removal of all waste.

Composite Decking

£ 99 /m2

All labour and materials.
*Preparation of sub frame foundation. * installation of wood or composite sub frame,
Installation of weed membrane, leveling and bracing of sub frame, fitting of decking boards, spacers and edging trims where required. Removal of all waste.

* Subject to Survey and any exceptional circumstances or requirements

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I love getting my hands dirty so you`ll usually find me driving the digger on site. I leave the office stuff to my brother.

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